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"Helping You Maintain Your Best Foot Forward..."




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Dr. Miller, his wife Vanetta, and the kids Angie and Buffy

Dr. Miller and Vanetta

Dr. Miller with his wife, Vanetta

Dr. Miller at St. Andrews

Dr. Miller prepares to tee off at St. Andrews

S. Rick Miller, DPM

Dr. Miller is originally from Fresno, California where he graduated from Fresno State University. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, Dr. Miller continued his studies at the California College of Podiatric Medicine. Afterwards, in 1976, he relocated to the Dallas area to begin what has turned into a very successful practice in podiatric medicine and surgery. After 30 years of practicing foot and ankle medicine and surgery, Dr. Miller has a loyal following of patients which serves as a testimony to the quality of care he has provided over the years.

Dr. Miller is board-certified in foot and ankle surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and his proficiency in restorative surgery and foot therapy is widely known in the North Texas area. Dr. Miller keeps abreast of current developments in the field of podiatry and employs updated techniques once they are proven safe and beneficial.

Dr. Miller decided to become a podiatrist because he wanted to be able to give patients instant relief and gratification from procedures that podiatrists perform. As is today, Dr. Miller's interest in sports medicine, which was an area of medicine in its infancy at that time, allowed him to help many patients during the "jogging craze" of the times back in the late 70's. "People were experiencing alot of foot discomfort due to shoe gear and abnormal foot function. We as podiatrists were able to relieve their suffering with the application of biomechanical principles, palliative care, and physical therapy," states Dr. Miller.

In addition to "helping patients maintain their best foot forward," Dr. Miller also enjoys helping others improve their swing on the golf course.
GolfTEC is a company which Dr. Miller is involved with. Established in 1995, GolfTEC has established itself as the premier source of golf improvement in the world. GolfTEC will teach over 10% of the lessons in the United States in 2007, helping thousands of players improve their game. In each golf lesson, GolfTEC clients get a comprehensive approach to golf instruction.

With all that Dr. Miller is involved with, he always enjoys spending time with his wife, Vanetta and their girls, Angie and Buffy (a Lhasa Apso and a Shitz Tzu). In addition to playing golf, Dr. Miller enjoys weekly dancing with Vanetta and relaxing at his home on Cedar Creek Lake.

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