BEWARE of Foot Gadgets!

Problem:  Patient presents to the office complaining of pain to her foot, specifically the 2nd toe region.  She also noted how she had been wearing a bunion toe separator for a period of time shortly before the onset of her symptoms.  

Outcome:  Toe splint created so much pressure against the 2nd metatarsal (long bone of the 2nd toe) that it created a fracture.

Lesson Learned:  Toe separators will not reverse a bunion deformity.  Beware of these types of gadgets sold in stores and on social media-they will not work and in this patient's case actually caused a fracture.  Bunions are a structural deformity and can only be accomodated with proper shoe gear or more often corrected surgically.  We're happy to help you if you are dealing with a painful bunion!  Not only will you resolve your bump pain but you will also preserve your joint from developing arthritis as well. 

Dr. Kevin D. Myer, DPM, FACFAS Kevin D. Myer DPM, FACFAS Dr. Myer is a Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgeon, Board-Certified in Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgery by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. A native of Carrollton, Texas, Dr. Myer has been practicing in the North Dallas area since 2007. Voted by his medical peers as a "Top Doc" in the City of Dallas and Collin County annually since 2013, Dr. Myer strives to keep all of his patients in the game and off the sidelines of life through both conservative and surgical means when necessary. Dr. Myer is happily married to Lainie (going on 25+ years...) with whom he proudly parents three boys, Cade, Brennan, and Grayson. On the weekends, you might find Dr. Myer attending one of his boys athletic events or behind a camera capturing any number of available subjects.

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